Jake Weidmann

Jake Weidmann is the youngest Master Penman in the world—a title he earned less than two months ago and one that is currently held by only 11 people. Jake reminds me of a perfectly calibrated espresso machine because he aspires to achieve the highest level of technical skill in every medium he works with. But as a coffee, I’d say he most resembles the El Banco Pacamara, due to the originality and authenticity each possesses.

When I visited Jake at his home in Denver recently, he taught me a few things about the history of scripts (did you know that Italics originated in Italy? I didn’t. Now I do!) and demonstrated offhand flourishing and calligraphy. Jake’s been compared to Master Penman Charles Paxton Zaner (1864-1918) because of the breadth of his artistic abilities (Jake makes his own pens that he uses and works with several other mediums as well). During my visit with Jake, I came to realize that like coffee, quality calligraphy is one of those things in life that goes highly unappreciated.

I make videos because I love learning about people’s passions, and I enjoy connecting people to people by sharing their stories. While researching coffee (my obsession) over the past four years, I discovered that many creatives rely on coffee as a drug. They love what it does to their brain and how it’s a catalyst for creativity.

Coffee is complex. So are people. Drink up.

    • Jill
    • September 9th, 2011

    Awesome video Megan! All your videos are awesome. What a cool artist too! Thanks for bringing him to our attention.

    • MEQ29
    • April 24th, 2012

    Thanks for the kind words Jill!

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