Tom Oberheide

Tom Oberheide reminds me of the San Sebastian specialty coffee that comes from Huila, Colombia. Balanced and sweet like the San Sebastian, Tom’s instrument collection is comprised of almost as many pieces as the amount of grower lots that make up the Colombian coffee.

When I spent some time with Tom recently, we talked Grand Slams (his first coffee experience consisted of hanging out in the Silverthorne Denny’s) and the difference between amateurs and professionals (in any field). Tom reminded me of just how awesome his older brother Peter is, by sharing the story of how when Peter lived in Boulder, he started showing up with a tuba to Cabaret Diosa practices and told the band members, “You really need a tuba.” Apparently he’d even show up uninvited to their gigs and play…near them. Awesome and nice, indeed.

Tom introduced me to the instrument in his collection that he plays the most: his Mullen pedal steel guitar, which was made in Colorado, but he had to travel to St. Louis, MO to buy and that can be seen in full effect at any of the New Ben Franklins shows. After doing a little research on Mullen guitars, I discovered that Lloyd Maines (father of Dixie Chicks Natalie Maines) is a Mullen player too. Exciting, right? Not really. But what is amusing is the six degrees of Tom O. that followed.

Tom Oberheide–>Mullen–>Lloyd Maines–>Wide Open Spaces music video (shot in Winter Park, CO and directed by Thom Oliphant). Spelled differently but pronounced the same. Huzzah! Connection.

Here’s the video from my visit with Tom. SPOILER ALERT: there is a cute dancing baby in this video.

Every coffee drinker has a story. I make videos because I love learning about people’s passions and their creatie process. Many creatives rely on coffee as a drug. They love what it does to their brain and how it’s a catalyst for creativity.

Coffee is complex. So are people. Drink up.

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