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April Charmaine

I’d venture to say that beginning to drink coffee changed the course of April Charmaine’s life forever. Some might settle with coincidence explaining how coffee and dancing came into April’s life at the same time. Most people wouldn’t even give the connection a second thought. However, to one who is coffee obsessed, and dedicates a blog to such things, who has spent years collecting similar stories of how coffee has changed lives, well, to that person, April’s story is a welcome addition to the pile of “People who make their passion their livlihood—with a little help from coffee.”

I recently visited April at Sol Vida Dance Studio, which holds its grand opening next month. In addition to talking coffee, I decided that I must attend one of her Tuesday night Hip-Pop courses before the summer ends and take advantage of the special she is currently offering (tip: all you have to do is mention the “popping off” promo when you go in). Who knows, maybe The B Team will have a reunion battle.

Listening to April talk about her affinity for fusing dance made me realize she’s like an espresso blend that has fragile aromas and a distinct but balanced acidity. Watch this video to hear how April is contributing to the creative scene in Denver:

I make these videos because I love learning about people’s passions and I enjoy connecting people to people by sharing their stories. While researching coffee (my own obsession) over the past four years, I discovered that many creatives in this world rely on coffee as a drug; they love what it does to their brain and how it serves as a catalyst for their creativity.

Coffee is complex, so are people. Drink up.