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Eugene Rooks

Eugene Rooks is a friend of mine who makes life a little more magical with each costume he creates. He’s mellow like the acidity of the Nacimiento coffee from El Salvador, but can certainly cut a rug while wearing one of his own costume creations—I’ve seen it happen.

I also know that Eugene has dreamed of one day running his own couture business. I hope that when that day comes, I’ve won the lottery, because I want to continue being one of his clients. During the four years I’ve known him, Eugene has made some of the most creative Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen, altered the wedding dress of my best friend’s grandmother so she could wear it for her own wedding, and managed to make my dream of dressing up as a giant coffee cup and dancing around to Lady Gaga a reality.

He’s currently working on the wedding dress of his fiancé, which is a fairly labor-intensive project. He showed me a picture of all the pins he used to prep the pleats for the top portion:

He’s a very skilled tailor and I’m excited to follow his progress in the upcoming years.

I make videos because I love learning about people’s passions, and I enjoy connecting people to people by sharing their stories. While researching coffee (my obsession) over the past four years, I discovered that many creatives rely on coffee as a drug. They love what it does to their brain and how it’s a catalyst for creativity.

Coffee is complex. So are people. Drink up.