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Brian Freeland

Brian Freeland is the Artistic Director of the LIDA Project and shared a use for coffee with me that is as unconventional as his theater productions. I recently visited Brian at Laundry on Lawrence, where LIDA’s theatrical editorial, Justin Bieber Meets Al Qaeda, is currently running.

Like Pablo’s Two Stroke Smoke coffee blend, Brian has a subtle smoky character. I admire that he (along with the other members of the LIDA Project) aims to “present works that experiment and challenge the structure and presentation of performance while strengthening culture, community, and artistic growth.”

I make videos because I love learning about people’s passions, and I enjoy connecting people to people by sharing their stories. While researching coffee (my obsession) over the past four years, I discovered that many creatives rely on coffee as a drug. They love what it does to their brain and how it’s a catalyst for creativity.

Coffee is complex. So are people. Drink up.