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Brian Colonna

Brian Colonna is a company member at Buntport Theater in Denver and has been a good friend of mine for years. If he were a coffee, he’d undoubtedly be of the Bourbon varietal—a classic old world coffee. I asked him to participate in the Coffee Driven Lives video project because we have this great deal going where I give him excellent tasting coffee on an ongoing basis and in return, he buys me lunch. Why doesn’t he just buy his own coffee and I buy my own lunch? Well, because that would be no fun and anybody who asks that question needs to consider taking a break from logic every so often.

Mmm, hmm.

So, when I arrived to Brian’s home the other morning, the first thing he did was warn me that he hadn’t had any coffee and may not be the most interesting interviewee on earth. That’s okay, because one thing I’ve learned is that peeps who I talk to are always more fascinating than they give themselves credit for. What’s normal for them may be extraordinary to others. Such is life. One thing I know for certain is that Buntport Theater company is far from ordinary and I feel fortunate to have found and be involved with such a cultural gem in this city. I had to cut out much of the random wonderfulness from this video in order to keep it to a reasonable length (maybe there will be an outtake reel from all interviews someday?), but it was nice to hear some new stories about Buntport’s history. Plus, I never knew that Brian believes that “clowning” can “really hit you.” So there’s that. I learned a term from Brian when we went to grab coffee together as well; I had never heard “lifestyle entrepreneur” before, but he introduced me to that term and after looking it up, I decided melikes that approach to living very much.

If you have no other knowledge of Buntport Theater, I think you should know this video will tell you very little. You know what you should do? Make a reservation to watch their Third Tuesday programming this month; it’s The Great Debate and is going to be awesome and nice.

I make videos because I love learning about people’s passions, and I enjoy connecting people to people by sharing their stories. While researching coffee (my obsession) over the past four years, I discovered that many creatives rely on coffee as a drug. They love what it does to their brain and how it’s a catalyst for creativity.

Coffee is complex. So are people. Drink up.